Prosperity Doctor: Quantum Medicine Is The Science of Self Care as Health Care

This is an Business Invitation to the Self Care Evolution

What is Quantum Medicine?

Quantum Medicine is the ability to use Chi or Zero Point energy for Self Care.
Chinese Medicine uses the language of Qi or Chi.
Quantum Medicine uses the language of Zero Point Energy.

Qi (Chi pronounced Chee) is Zero Point Field Energy in Quantum Medicine.
Qi is often translated as energy, however it is much more than energy.
Qi is Zero Point Energy which is consciousness, energy, information, frequency, vibration and power.

In Chinese Medicine and Quantum Medicine one uses Chi or Zero Energy to affect frequency and vibrations with power and intention. This Chi or energy consciousness, power and intention is also used for Self Care as Health Care. Quantum Medicine includes Zero Point Energy Infusion Technology to affect change with Self Care as Health Care.

We use Chinese Medicine and Quantum Medicine. Self Care is Health Care. Quantum Medicine is the science of Self Care as Health Care. Everyone can use it. It is available to anyone interested in Self Care Therapy and Technology.

Dates: February 24th to 27th 2011
Location: Long Beach Convention Center
300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802 - USA
Cost: $299: Discount to Feb 23rd $149 for two or $99

Not Open to the Public. Please Join Me in Amega.
or Call me: 310-936-9294

Take Charge of Your Health with Self Care Health Care.
To Your Health, Wealth and Prosperity
Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor