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Transformation Therapy

Rancho Palos Verdes Executive Consulting to Unleash the Power Within YOU! How may we assist you?

Sometime we find we just need to talk or need assistance with a health issue. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone without concerns of judgement, critiques or distortions of the situation.

How is your health? Personal or Business Relationships working?

Sometimes we have questions and seeking to discuss the matter on a deeper level. Sometimes we are already in transformation and not sure how to handle the unwanted change.

We can assist you. SKYPE, Google Chat or by Phone - 1 Hour or Come to Palos Verdes, California

What is Transformation Therapy?

Transformation Therapy gives one an opportunity to seek answers with guidance, different perspectives and different points of view they may have never known or considered. It addresses mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions.

Need an Answer, need to Know, a Little Reminder, a new Direction, need a Little Guidance or Advice from another Point of View or a Different Perspective.
Get The Prosperity Doctors Advice. Get Some Answers.

Transformation Therapy is Confidential. At your service.

We are Virtual. We go to you or you come to us in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes a Virtual Health and Self Care Center

Meet up for Lunch and Learn
Spend a Day
Weekend includes a Health and Spa Event to regenerate and recharge
Will Go to You
Will Pick You Up and treat you like the Executive or Rock Star
Hello! My name is Saquina Akanni and I am The Prosperity Doctor or Tranquil Warrior in Rancho Palos Verdes Virtual Health and Self Care Center
I am an author, healer, a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Emotional Intelligence Technologies and a student of Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing using Zero Point Energy Infusion Technologies.

Transformation Therapy uses Alternative Medicine A to Z: All natural medicines where appropriate and the new Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing approach to Self-Care wellness. Quantum Medicine is the new medicine from Quantum Physics where we use Zero Point Energy infused products. We also use Transformation Technologies, Emotional Intelligence, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Five Elements principles and practices to help you to become aware and observe your way of being, thoughts, feelings and attitudes at different levels for mind, body, spirit, soul and emotional transformation.

Transformation Therapy is a path to change for the whole complete being and we are at your service with our foundation rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements for mind, body, spirit, soul and emotional transformation.

As a Prosperity Doctor we open you up to new possibilities, different perspectives and points of view to evaluate your belief system, transform your thinking, become aware of you feelings, observe your behaviors, adjust your attitude, re-frame your words and create a new empowering language. You will create a shift from within you so you can create what you want for yourself and your life.

We can assist you in recognizing your greatest strengths and limiting weakness. We teach you to leverage your strength as your greatest asset and turn your weakness into an asset.

Transformation Therapy uses natural Food Therapy as our main source of transformation for health and wellness. One of the most exciting new foods added to our Food Therapy is from Quantum Medicine. Allow me to introduce you to AMGeneX DNA (Dynamic Nutrition Advantage). AMGeneX is Amega Global’s superior nutritional epigenetic food, which helps your own cells to rebuild their protective genes and maintain optimum wellness. AMGeneX DNA is infused with Amega's proprietary Amized Fusion Technology, which is charged with Zero Point Energy.

I extend my knowledge, education and wisdom to you. You are a creator and a Wizard! If you feel something is missing, that is because your natural wizard needs training!

If you feel overwhelmed, know there is NO Power in being a victim.

Transformation Therapy unleashes your confidence and power. You become aware and an observer. You set yourself free. Free to be. Free to fly. Free to Soar!

This is an Invitation to Transformation.
Let's Talk about what's working and what's not.

Food for Thought
Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Elements Theory
There are Five Element Personality Archtypes: Wood- The Pioneers, Fire - Wizards, Earth - The Care Givers, Metal - Alchemist and Water - Philosophers. We have all five elements one is innately dominate and one is innately weak. The spiritual path is to cultivate and develop all five of spiritual energies to be Wizard, Dragon and Eagles that we natural have the possibility and potential to be!

According to Quantum Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM) "Everything is Energy" and your consciousness is your potential. We use the Five Element TCM theory, practice and principles that states, "Their is a creator and Wizard inside of you." In TCM it is called the Shen (other natural medicines call it the Light) and it communicates as a whisper, but often we can't hear. Why? Because the loud voices in our head drown out the whisper, or there is so much drama in our life our feelings are running us or some of us become addicted to a bad habit that is running you.

You know those negative voices. You may have experience overwhelming feeling of sadness, grief or loneliness or trapped in a behavior you call an addiction. I train and guide you to release your stress, reclaim you happiness and unleash your power - to awaken your soul and set your spirit free. Free to be your best - Pioneer, Wizard, Care Giver, Warrior or Alchemist spirit and natural Philosopher and Healer. There is a genius within you. We can awaken your genius by awakening your soul to set your Spirit. Free to soar!

Soar Like An Eagle
We can answer any question or questions about love, relationships, money or deeper questions: Who am I? Where am I going? Why do I suffer? Why do I self-sabotage or self-destruct? What are those voices? Can I quiet the voices? How do I differentiate the voices? How do I change what I don't like about myself?

Do you need a little help at arriving at some answers?

What is your question?
What do you want?
How may I assist you?

I am at your service.
Is it health, relationships or finance related?
Your Personal Physician or Consultant?
We can Skype, Google chat, talk or you can come to RPV. One hour may be all you need - Let's do a Lunch and Learn.
Need one-one-on? Let's make it an Event - a Day with The Prosperity Doctor.
Let's discuss it. I am affordable.
I will work with you to fit into your budget.



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The Prosperity Doctor

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Let's Talk
What's working and what's not?

To Your Health, Wealth and Prosperity
Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor

Health is a state of being.
Wealth is a state of potential.
Prosperity is a state of mind, emotions and potential.