Prospeirty Doctor: The Art of Change - Transformation Starts with Your Soul

Change starts with your Soul.The first step to change is to believe.

~The Prosperity Doctor
Food for Thought:

"Release Your Soul, Train Your Mind and Set Your Spirit Free." ~Saquina Akanni

Change your belief and You Change your Health

Change our mind and You change your WealthChange your soul and You change your Prosperity

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Have you heard of Feng Shui? It is the art of placement in Chinese Medicine to balance and harmonize the Qi or energy flow in your environment. We can use this art form to Feng Shui our internal environment. We can balance and harmonize our own Qi or energy flow with Quantum Medicine Self Care Health Care for Wellness. We use both Chinese Medicine and Quantum Medicine in our consultation using The Art of Change and our Food Therapy.

We use both Quantum Medicine and Chinese Medicine for Self Care Health Care in our approach to 'Change' - is is an art and easy to learn how to Transform the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions to create what you want for yourself and your life. Chinese Medicine is the art of prevention medicine and uses Qi or Chi, which mirrors Zero Point Energy in Quantum Medicine. Qi or Chi is energy, consciousness, information, frequency, vibration and power. Quantum Medicine is the science of self care medicine and uses Zero Point energy Technology or simply Qi.

Try our Art of Change Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing solutions for 'Change' use Five Elements Transformation Technologies to identify your Archtype energy. We educate and train you for fast results to transform your Lifestyle, Health, Relationships, Finances and Love Life. You can even learn to understand anyone including your baby and children from the Five Element Archtype energy. It is all about Energy. You can transform yours to work for you!

What is Transformation Therapy?
An Education in creating 'Change'. We use The Art of Change to educate you in Chinese Medicine and Quantum Medicine philosophy, principles, practices and use technology to create immediate results. In essence we help you create a Paradigm Shift. When a Paradigm shift occurs you can create what you want for yourself and your life be it health, relationships, career, love, finance, job etc. We provide personal one-on-one intense consultation and education on energy healing and Food therapy for your breakthrough transformation. Be it a health, wealth or relationship issue we can guide you to make the shift in point of view: mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions. Transformation Therapy can affect change in a moment or in a day. Get a Free one hour consultation. Transformation Therapy is Confidential.
Rancho Palos Verdes
Executive Consulting
Unleash the Power Within You
How may we assist you?
Sometime we find we just need to talk, a little assistance or different perspective with an issue. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone without concerns of judgement, critiques or distortions of the situation to effect results. Sometimes we just need a reminder to get back on track.

How Is Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health?
Feeling anxious, frustrated, misunderstood, overwhelmed or bewildered?
~ Get focused
~ Get Clarity
~ Get memory restored
~ Get emotions balanced
~ Get vitality and renewed energy
~ Get Personal or Business Relationships in order
~ Get self-esteem and confidence back
~ Get Empowered
~ Get rejuvenated
~ Get revitalized

~Sometimes an opportunity to discuss the matter on a deeper level is all that is required. ~ ~Sometimes we are already in transformation and not sure how to handle the unwanted change
~Sometime disappointment is painful
~ Sometimes we just need a safe place to release the pain
Transformation Therapy?
Transformation Therapy gives one an opportunity to cross over to being fully self expressed. Transformation Therapy allows one to seek answers with guidance, with different perspectives and different points of view one may have never known or considered. Transformation Therapy is an education that addresses the whole person - whole being: mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions.

Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing
Get The Prosperity Doctors Perspective
~ Tap into Infinite Possibilities
~ Renew your confidence
~ Become empowered again
Hello! My name is Saquina Akanni and I am The Prosperity Doctor or Tranquil Warrior in Rancho Palos Verdes Virtual Self Care Health Care Center using Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing Technologies.

I am a Transformational Practitioner, healer, a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Emotional Intelligence Technologies and a student of Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing using Zero Point Energy Infusion Technologies.

Transformation Therapy uses Alternative Medicine A to Z: All natural medicines where appropriate and the new Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing approach to Self-Care wellness. Quantum Medicine is the new medicine from Quantum Physics where we use Zero Point Energy infused products. We also use Transformation Technologies, Emotional Intelligence, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Five Elements principles and practices to help you to become aware, alert and observe your way of being, thoughts, feelings and attitudes at different levels for mind, body, spirit, soul and emotional transformation.

Transformation Therapy is a path to 'Change' for the whole complete being and we are at your service with our foundation rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements for mind, body, spirit, soul and emotional transformation.

As a Prosperity Doctor we open you up to new possibilities to evaluate your belief system, transform your thinking, become aware of your feelings, observe your behaviors, adjust your attitude, re-frame your words and create a new empowering language. You will create a shift from within. You will create what you want from yourself.

We can assist you in recognizing your greatest strengths and limiting weakness. We educate you to leverage your strengths as your greatest asset and transform your weakness into an asset!

Transformation Therapy also uses natural Food Therapy and Zero Point Energy Infusion products as our main sources for health, repair, recovery, rejuvenation, regeneration and wellness transformation. One of the most exciting new foods added to our Food Therapy is from Quantum Medicine. We introduce you to AMGeneX DNA (Dynamic Nutrition Advantage).

AMGeneX is Amega Global’s superior nutritional epigenetic "superfoods", which help cells to rebuild their protective genes, restore, rejuvenate and regenerate to maintain optimum health and wellness. AMGeneX DNA is infused with Amega's proprietary Amized Fusion Technology, which is charged with Zero Point Energy.

I extend my knowledge, education and wisdom to you.
You are a creator. We awaken your genius and the Wizard inside of you! If you feel something is missing, that is because your Spirit scattered and soul is not in control of it's crew! Awaken your soul to transform.

I am at your service.



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