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XANGO® Juice is Food Therapy - Food for the Soul

When asked by clients, "What can I buy to make sure my children are getting the nourishment they need at school, at games and on the road? My reply is  Drink XANGO® Juice.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine fruit is the cleansing food in nature. Mangosteen is the Queen of Fruits. XANGO® addresses the Liver therefore; XANGO® is considered to be Food for the Soul.

XANGO® brand juice:
·          Whole food for complete dietary supplement
·          Addresses inflammation and toxic waste
·          More real food nutrients nourishing the brain

XANGO® Juice is Food Therapy for children, teens, adults and seniors. Seniors more than ever as we are Baby Boomers - Forever Young. We are aware, alert, active and experiencing the joy of life more than ever!

XANGO® Juice is Brain Food and perfect for students of any age, from pre-school to seniors, who want more performance from the brain. 

Perfect for children of all ages. 

My grandson Little Einstein Jabril loves it,
becausit tastes great.

XANGO® Juice addresses many health issues too! Drink Genius Juice. Order XANGO. Jabril favorite is XANGO® Singles.

Experience Food for the Soul. Fuel the brain with the powerful antioxidant properties from dozens of different xanthones.

Food for Thought: Be awake. Be aware. Be informed. 

Read the labels of all foods and drinks. Most are full of corn syrup and chemicals. Check other brands of mangosteen juice too. They do not use the whole fruit. Many are made from concentrate. Others are labeled reconstituted or reconstructed. What does that mean? It means that the juice no longer a whole food. So now they call it a Drink not a Juice, because it contains isolated parts of a juice. If it is reconstructed even worst, it is no longer a food. It is a chemical!

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