Prosperity Doctor: Rancho Palos Verdes Virtual Health Care Services and Transformation Technologies. We have the Missing Link to Permanent Change...

Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you.
Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.
Sometime you just need a safe space.
Sometimes you just need to share your thoughts without judgement.

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Something Wonderful is Unfolding for YOU!

* Educate Yourself.
* Let Us Help.
* We Guide You.
* We Mentor, Coach, Teach and Train.
* We have Lessons and Blessings to Share.

I am Always at Your Service. CONTACT ME

My name is Saquina Akanni
I am The Prosperity Doctor, Master of Chinese Medicine, in the doctoral program for Integrative Medicine PhD, and a practitioner in  Rancho Palos Verdes. My practice is a Virtual Self Care Health Care Center. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing Transformation Technologies.


In the Pursuit of Excellence
The Art of the Heart
Gives you Total Access to Your Own  INTUITION
AND INSIGHT for Health,  Wellness and Fitness.

Our System is Unique
We have the missing piece of the puzzle.

Have you wondered why you haven't found that Fulfilling Relationship YOUR Soul Mate?  
Have you wondered why you don't feel good, are Dehydrated or have lost your health?
Have been diagnosed with some diseases like HBP, Diabetes, Stoke, Heart Attack, Lupus or are plagued with some type of Addiction - food, smoking, drugs, etc? FIND the SOLUTION and RESOLUTION Now!

Have Questions or Thoughts? ASK SAQUINA...
  • It could be from not knowing what to eat?
  • It could be not knowing how or when to eat?
  • It could be years of poor diet?
  • It could be the water?
  • It could be years of dealing with stress?
  • It could be environment conditions or chemicals in the food?
We focus on YOU! We have solutions and resolutions:
  • Self Care Health Care
  • Food Therapy
  • Juice Therapy
  • Seed Therapy
  • Essence Oil Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy (Let's Start with You!)
We blend a unique Mind, Body, Spirit approach for realizing positive mental, emotional, spiritual, soulful and behavioral change. We combine proprietary methods of Ancient Wisdom, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Medicine and modern science for the ultimate achievement for change and transformation. Transformation Therapy Technologies are powerful strategies, methods and tools to inspire you to Take Charge of Your Health and transform  your life - from Millennials, GenX to Baby Boomers and Traditionals. We can Help You!

Get Ready for an Encore
Contact me for your FREE CONSULTATION.
I have coached and mentored clients for over a decade using empirical techniques in my Leadership System 4YFLH (Forever Young Fit for Life Healthy)

I completed Traditional Chinese Medicine Masters Program at Yo San University in 2001. I transformed my own personal issues health issues by overcoming M.P.D. (Multiple Personality Disorder) now called D.I.D. I have been in the service of helping others for over 20 Years.

Allow me to contribute to your transformation and change. In a self-discovery of integrity , purpose and courage, learn how to focus your mind with clarity, direct your emotions and feelings and make decisions and choices with intention to accept "What is". Create self-awareness and self-discipline for self-sufficiency to BE the CHANGE you want to see in your LIFE.

What is Transformation Therapy Technology?
Transformation Therapy Technology allows one to "Take Control" by Observation and Awareness learning how to "Pause" and S.T.O.P. to Retrain the Brain and the Mind to quiet the mind and still the body. Transformation Therapy allows one to seek answers with guidance, to ask different questions and broaden ones perspective, perceptions and POV (points of view).

One can learn to become the Master and Commander of their Life by observing and instructing thoughts and the stories we tell ourself and other. One learns to become a creator and inventor by REPURPOSING their language and REFRAMING their Story to inspire self and others. Transformation Therapy is an education that addresses the "whole person", the whole being: mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions.

Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing
Get The Prosperity Doctors Perspective, Perceptions and Point of View

You are Royalty!
* Unite your Heart and Soul to  Remember Who You Are!
* Awaken your Intuitive Mind and Access Insight 
* Release your Soul's Inner Purpose and Master self-Discipline
* Quiet your Rational Mind to hear your  Intuitive Mind
* Become Aware of  your Language and Reframe your Story
Engaged your Will, adjust your Attitude, Recover your Courage and emPower YOURSELF!

Age Is Just a Number!
Your Power is Within You
You can Create and Re-create Your Life
You can Be, Do and Have Results
You have the strength to overcome
In Discipline, Intention with Commitment
Stand in Power, Intention and Integrity to become the Master and Commander of YOUR Life.

* Become calm, center and guide your emotions
* Become still and repair the body
* Set your Spirits Free
* Recover your Health and Your Life!

The Past is HISTORY a Memory.

The Future is YOUR Vision.

Your Present is NOW, a Gift.

... and NOW is GOOD!

Seize Your Success!

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Sending Blessings, Love and Light
Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor